What is the hydrogen good for?

„It's been quite some time since my dad first started looking on the internet for hydrogen generators.“


Ing. Zuzana Horackova

manager for the economic department of ECOM s.r.o.


„Actually, it all started while reading Mr. Kašpar's book - We are dying to order. The book contains a lot of information about the harmful effects of chlorine on the human body, and there is also a mention of hydrogen water. My father intensively searched for the possibilities that the market offered at that time. He ordered three hydrogen generators from America. Since we like new technologies in our family, we started testing. None of us had any idea what to expect. How do we know that something is changing in our body?“


„My brother and I and my family also took part in the testing. Not so much time passed and we started to notice small changes. I stopped suffering from migraines, which I tried in vain to get rid of for many years. After using water enriched with molecular hydrogen, the pain almost disappeared. The effects clearly surprised us. We wanted to learn more, but we couldn't find much information on the Czech internet or in stores. We were more and more satisfied with the products. That's why we thought that Czech customers could also appreciate them. At the time, I myself had several friends who were struggling with health problems without any positive results from treatment.“


„We have not been able to discover any bottle for producing molecular hydrogen that is cost-effective. In addition, the range of products was very narrow. And so the search for suppliers began. The parent company ECOM provided us with suitable capital so that we could purchase products directly from manufacturers at favorable prices. And so the journey of Lazena bottles began to be written.“

Monika B.

From my experience, I can say that drinking hydrogen water gave me energy, ...

I go to exercise regularly and both during and after training I don't feel so tired and exhausted. I used to be sick all the time and now I don't have a cough or a cold this season. I can only recommend!

Janča K.

The bottle has become part of my daily drinking and healthy regimen.

I am very excited, not only myself, but also my family, who also use it with me. I am very happy that by drinking plain water I can do something “more“ for my body and health.

Šárka R.

I got to know the LAZENA hydrogen bottle at work, ...

where the employer placed her in common areas for free use. After half a year of drinking, I noticed a significant improvement in skin psoriasis. It disappeared completely in the following six months. Blood tests also showed a marked change for the better. I bought the bottle for my parents. After a year of using the SPA water, some medications for migraines and intestinal problems disappeared. Overall it feels fresh. I believe that hydrogen should definitely find its place in everyone's everyday life. I am satisfied with the bottle and can recommend it to everyone who wants to take care of their body and treat it to “a sip of luxury.“

Alexandr D.

We are satisfied with the bottle, in the morning we feel,...

we have more energy, my wife and I drink regularly, and we haven't been sick all year.

Honza H.

champion of the Czech Republic 2024 in cross-country skiing

I use a hydrogen bottle to replenish fluids during and after training. ...

At first time, I tried to see if hydrogen water has the mentioned possibilities, but today I take it as an integral part of my daily training. I never forget to bring it to training camp, where it helps me regenerate better.

Ingrid V.

successful Slovak tennis player

I use a hydrogen bottle. When I'm in Bratislava, every morning. ...

Also, when I go to the tournament by car every morning. I don´t take it with me only when I go by plane. And I have to say that I don't remember the last time I was sick. I'm also pretty good on the court... it's definitely also because I train well and have some nutritional supplements, but I think the bottle also helps :) so for me I'm very satisfied with it and thanks again for the recommendation :).

Ivana K.

I am very satisfied with the hydrogen bottle,...

I use it almost daily and I think hydrogen is good for my health.